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COGNOSCENTI are Greater Manchester based, Business Psychologists (chartered by the British Psychological Society). We have an in-depth understanding of what motivates and drives people in a business context and we help companies in the UK (and internationally) to get the best out of their employees.


“Have you ever had someone work for you, who is always chirpy, enthusiastic, puts a lot of effort into whatever they do and takes responsibility for making sure that everything happens when and how it is supposed to happen?” 

 Well, we use our business psychology expertise, with a wide range of companies, to help organisations create working environments that empower employees and encourage them to add more value to your business.




Change/Project Management

Being More Entrepreneurial

Improving well-being in your organisation could save you more than £700 per employee per year, through greater engagement and reduced sickness absence. Our business psychology expertise can help you identify where you need to concentrate your efforts in order to improve well-being.

According to the McKinsey/Oxford Study half of IT projects run 45% over budget, and deliver 56% less than predicted.  The research increasingly demonstrates that people factors are a critical factor in failure .We can show you how to use smart business psychology to manage those critical relationships and ensure that your Change/Project is a success.

“During the 20th century, 95% of all major innovations in products and services originated from companies employing less than 20 people”Timmins and Spinelli (2001)” We use business psychology to help organisations like you grow your business by helping you to develop higher levels of entrepreneurial behaviour in your staff.



We actively listen to our clients and our business psychology experience and expertise means that we can produce a tailor made solution for you that will meet your needs perfectly. We do not rely on ‘off the shelf’ products. Get in touch and see how we can help you. Follow us on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook. Sign up for ‘Better Business Through Smart Psychology’



Hello! My name is ‘Marley’ and I am a rescue dog from Millstream animal shelter. I now have a lovely home working as a ‘Researcher’ for Cognoscenti. My first research report is very worrying though, as it looks as though we dogs may shortly be facing a redundancy situation. New research from Jess et al (2012) has found that humans can track scents on the ground in the same way that a dog can. Human participants in the study were able to track a ten metre trail of chocolate essential oil through an open field by using their sense of smell alone. Could someone please advise me how to put a CV together? Visit Millstream Animal Shelter: CLICK HERE